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BabesInGames.com is a website about hottest girl characters found in video games of all types and genres.

We spend a lot of time scouring the games for sizzling hot girls, and those that catch our attention we list them in our database of babes. Rating of babes on our websites is of our editors and it is based on their own personal preference.
We also allow and welcome our users to submit their own ratings and reviews. 

Our website is split into three main sections: Babes, Video Games and blog. 

  • Babes: This is where we list all of the babes in our database, characters can be searched by body type, personality and other characteristics
  • Video Games: If you know of a video game and you want to see the babes we have for the game then this is a good place to start
    Blog: Daily happenings and news

We hope you enjoy our websites and feel free to send us any suggestions and comments. 

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