In 3 weeks from now , Fans of Ninja Gaiden 3 will have an early spring break treat , with Collectors Edition that packs quiet a punch , with original model design statue art , created from the in game Ninja characters , including a Ninja Gaiden him self , a full soundtrack from the game , and a Dead or Alive 5  Premium Online code for an early stage demo  and Unmask Art Book .ninja gaiden_3_collectors_edition


Laura Croft New Look , got very positive vibe  last year at E3 . Most Fans got excited about the new look and story of the Laura Croft , and for the right reasons too cause Tomb Raider in past few years just didn't do that well and everyone felt that the formula for same big boobs character just didn't work anymore.
The Fans of the game wanted to see their favorite charcter brought to life in a more serious realistic way , as oppose to what it once was.

I happen to agree that developers took the right approach on this game , cause it always lacked that serious element of the story and characters . Eidos Interective has been working really hard on TOMB RAIDER  in past couple of  years  , and so far looking at the product and how far have they achived from graphics , gameplay , and many different elements.  

LARA Full--article_image

I say that Eidos will have a huge success with this reboot of the game , because the game is being done carefully and  with attention paid to detail. When the final product is finished , the fans of the  series will once again be rejoiced to her Favorite Character but this time with more realistic look and feel of dramatic storytelling .

I would like to hear from the rest of you , and let me know what your opinion is about New Lara Croft and how excited are you about the game . 

Also make sure you check out Lara Craft profile page in our babes database at "Lara Croft Profile"

Top 5 Hottest Redhead Video Game Babes

While playing the "Witcher 2 assasins of kings" and enjoying every last scene where Tris Merigold (super hot fiery redhead) was featured, it got me thinking of all other amazing redehads from games I've played. Luckly our database allows for easy filtering by redheads so it didn't take too long to come up with the top 5 of my favorite redhead female game characters.

These girls stay true to their unhigned redhead sexiness. 

Hope you enjoy the list and make sure you check out their full profile pages as well ;)


  1.  Nariko (Heavenly Sword)

    64 nariko-2-1324559710

  2. Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark Zero)

    36 joanna-perfect-dark-zero1-1323971743
  3. Tris Merigold (The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings)

    5 triss-1323878936
  4. Female Commander Shepard (Mass Effect Series)

    119 fem-shep-10-1330043285
  5. Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)


So far, what i was able to research on Ninja Gaiden 3 upcoming game of 2012 , there seem to be some very high quality graphical babes in the game , however many of these babes are yet unknown, cause the game hasn't been officialy yet released , i ll keep you all posted as i find out more info about Ninja Gaiden 3 Babes , or you can let me know if you have more info about these new Ninja Gaiden upcoming characters babes .

fem shep 12Is still 3 months away before Mass Effect 3 hits the shelfs , but i was wondering what does everyone thinks about new babes characters in Mass Effect 3 and what kind of babes you all would like to see in the game , me personally  am excited to see what kind of new characters Cpt Shepard will meet this time around .

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