I'm sure most of you if not all of you seen E3 trailers from  this year announcements , and in my opinion the videos i have seen of New laura Croft  Tomb Raider , looks very promising and i have a feeling it will be a big hit . But what i most wonder is you  the gamers and true fans of Tomb raider  , what you all think ? isthe new visions of reborn Laura Croft a good choice or do you agree with the approach that Developers decided to go with , please i would like to read your opinions on what you all think. 

In todays video games i noticed a lot of female characters to have gray hair , and it makes me wonder why all of a sudden this new trend of gray hairs of babes has started , and just to name  the few games , Metal Gear Series , Dragon Age , Mass Effect , Star Wars Old Republic , Dead or Alive Series , Tekken Series and many , many more .Don't get me wrong i have nothing against gray haired female characters in the game , but can't help it but noticed that there is a quiet a large number of them in games. 

I would like to know what is your take on all this gray haired phenomenon ,is it  ok  does it bother you or is it just a new trend , please write and  let me know what you all think . 

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