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Bethany Hawke
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from the beginning of the game

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Bethany Hawke is Hawke's younger sister and Carver's fraternal twin. Bethany is an apostate mage; she received her magical training from her father, who was also an apostate.

She will accompany Hawke if he/she chooses the Warrior or Rogue class role at the beginning of the game.


any will have one of several facial structures and hair styles, depending on the customization result of the player's character. The selection works as follows:

There are three base facial shapes that each family member can have. Hawkes using the default Hawke appearance or any of the first three presets will get the first head shape, Hawkes using the second three presets will get the second head shape, and Hawkes using the final three presets (or any modded presets past that) will get the third shape.


Each of the three head shapes has three variations - one with a pale skintone, one with a medium skintone, and one with a dark skintone, and each with a different hairstyle. Which of these variations is used by the game depends on Hawke's skintone; the first four skin tones will result in the light-skinned version of Bethany, the second four in the medium-skinned version, and the final four in the dark-skinned version. All versions of Bethany will have black hair. The same applies for Carver and Leandra.


During Varric's initial recount of a warrior/rogue Hawke's flight from Lothering, Bethany will appear with her default face/hair and an enhanced bosom.

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One Beautiful Mage Bethany

Bethany Hawke is a sister of Hawke Main Character , She is a Mage and posses a Magic unlike any other and plays a major role in the game ,She is cute and Beautiful Mage but at same time also very powerful Mage.

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