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Chapter 9 of the game Boss Fight

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Crying Wolf was born in Africa, in what was a chaotic war zone at the time due to the belief of ethnic cleansing. Soon enough the conflict reached her village, with the rival faction slaughtering her parents and siblings, leaving her a refugee. Before leaving her village, she decided to bring along her only surviving relative, her baby brother. One day, they came across an enemy unit, forcing them to hide in an abandoned shack. Unfortunately for Wolf, her baby brother started to cry. Knowing they would die if his cries were heard by the soldiers, she wrapped her hand as tight as she could around his mouth. It was only after the soldiers left that she came to her senses and noticed her brother was no longer crying. Taking her hand off, she saw that he had stopped breathing. Wolf had accidentally smothered her own baby brother, her last surviving relative. Horrified, she traveled through the thick of battle carrying her dead brother in her arms. Shortly after, she began to have visions of a wolf walking beside her. Every night, she would cry and howl just like her brother did.

Eventually, she reached a government-run refugee camp, still holding the now-rotted corpse of her brother. The camp was crowded with refugees like herself, and little children like her brother. The cries of the little children tormented her day and night and she soon envisioned the wolf answering her sorrowful screams and watched as he made his way around camp to silence the children forever. She had tried to stop the wolf but she was powerless to do so. This was, in reality, a hallucination created by her damaged mind. There was no wolf, she was murdering the children herself. By the eve of the enemy raid, she had killed all of the children. However, she never could come to cope with the truth, always believing that the wolf had killed them, not her.


Liquid Ocelot's InsurrectionEdit

See Liquid Sun, Solid Sun, Third Sun, Twin Suns, Old Sun, and Naked Sin/Naked Son

The girl was later recruited by Liquid Ocelot into the Beauty and the Beast Unit, where she was given a quadupedal power suit, as well as an enormous rail gun that she could use to destroy anything in her path, and was given the "Crying Wolf" codename. While encased inside of her suit, Wolf was nearly invincible, only revealing herself to snipe using her rail gun. Liquid told her that destroying Solid Snake would finally silence her inner demons, and placed her in charge of the Werewolf PMC.


In 2014, Crying Wolf and the other members of the BB Corps fought against local militiamen in the Middle East. She halted and overturned one of the militia's armored bulldozer entirely by herself as they attempted to reach Millennium Park. Wolf and the rest of the unit then went on to kill all of the accompanying soldiers, before leaving.

Wolf later encountered Solid Snake near the communication towers on Shadow Moses Island (the same area in which he had dueled Sniper Wolf nine years earlier), and was accompanied by several Haven Troopers. Working against a massive blizzard and using various vehicles and trees as cover, Snake was able to eliminate the Haven soldiers and eventually Crying Wolf herself. After Wolf was defeated, a wolf appeared and hoisted up her body onto its back before walking off into the blizzard.

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Crying Wolf Sad Beauty That Died Within

Is Sad to see a beautiful character such as Crying Wolf turn into darkness but not by her own fault, just so happened that her destiny to become Sad Beauty that died within.

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