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Special Agent Tanya Adams is a female military officer who worked for the Allies during the Third World War. Her skills rivals those of the famed US Navy SEALs and she was with equipped with dual auto-pistols and C4. In addition, she is also trained to swim long distances allowing her to plant the explosives on hulls of enemy ships. Furthermore, she can self-heal at a slow rate due to improved provisions.

After the Soviet Union was defeated she was trained to resist mind control in case they had to combat it again. She also was trained using her C-4 on moving enemy vehicles. In the expansion, she has the ability to harm enemy tanks.

Later, Tanya gave an urgent report to General Carville and informed him that General Vladimir had taken the Airforce Academy in Colorado Springs. When Carville asked why she took so long to report it, Tanya replied that with all due respect her forces had been quite busy fighting. With this new development, Carville dispatched the Allied Commander to "dig Tanya out of the hole she dug for herself" and make her useful - much to Tanya's annoyance and before she could respond, the General cut the line. Together, the two managed to recapture the Airbase from Soviet control. With the newly acquired air support, the Allies managed to destroy the enemy base in the region.


Once these victories were achieved, Tanya was called in during a video conference between the Allied Commander and President Dugan along with the European Council about the possibility of an aid package for the United States. This was because of the recent nuclear attack against Chicago which sparked the Europeans interest. The United States agreed to send Special Agent Tanya to Europe to destroy a Soviet nuclear missile facility in exchange for soldiers and supplies from the alliance. Tanya was initially opposed to the idea as she was required to be under the command of a European leader and she believed that they did not have time to train individuals to combat the Soviets. Instead, she offered her own condition for her service in the European op which was the aid of the Allied Commander supporting her in the mission. The President and the European Council ultimately agreed to her decision and they were briefed of a Soviet nuclear missile site that threatened the European positions. In exchange for aid, Tanya and the Commander were tasked with eliminating it. Deployed on the field with a team of spies, she worked to disable the bases power generators and from the spies learnt the location of the missile silos. With the mission completed, Tanya and the Commander headed back home.

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Tanya Adams played by Sexy Jenny McCarthy

In Red Alert 2 Tanya Adams was played by a different actress , check the game on our listing for more info , but in Third part of Series , Tanya Adams is played by none other then former Playboy Playmate and MTV Host back in 1998 , Jenny McCarthy

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